Checkout counters

Our Cefla checkouts offer customised, flexible, practical solutions for every type of purchase. On the one side, there is the compactness and technology of the Futura Proxi line, in its Classic and Compact variants while on the other, there is the impeccable aesthetics and the first-class user experience of the Futura Plus line, both in dual Classic and Elegance versions.  Whether in its most basic or fully equipped configuration, the Cefla Retail Solutions checkout range responds to the increasingly specific demands of modern retailers.

Our checkout counters are synonymous for reliability, design, functionality, flexibility.  Futura Plus is a range of checkouts based on the consideration of the product’s whole life cycle, in order to improve quality and user experience.  Personalisation is the key factor of the Futura Plus model, which offers an extensive range of models, colours and lighting solutions.  This model also comes with a dual belt-stop/soft-start safety system.  The basin can come in three different shapes, trapezoidal, rounded or rectangular.

With its compact shaping and plenty of personalization solutions, the Futura Proxi model has revolutionised the checkout experience by improving the flow of small to medium sized purchases.  The Futura Proxi model is available in two different lines: Futura Proxi Classic for traditional layout and Futura Proxi Compact for frontal layout.  Both models are simply pure space-saving innovation.