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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, let us be your supplier for them all…?  Our wide range of mirrors definitely covers the entire spectrum.

Universal mirrors, made in reflective acrylic are mounted with a red polypropylene body with visor and a black PVC gasket.  They are light weight and highly resistant to UV rays and external weather conditions, making them the perfect product for outdoor use.  Sizes vary from a diameter of 30cm all the way up to 90cm.

Traffic mirrors are also made from reflective acrylic and include a red polystyrene body and a black PVC gasket.  They are designed with a rectangular shape to be ideal in loading/unloading areas and where vehicle maneuvering takes place.  These mirrors are the perfect product for busy warehouses and factories.  They come with 3 different types of pole fixing and in 2 sizes, 40×60 and 60×80 cm.  Round traffic mirrors are also available and are mostly suited for high traffic areas such as car parks and roads.

In-store mirrors, ideal for supermarkets and retail outlets, come with a reflective acrylic round mirror, a black PVC gasket and a dark grey metal attachment which allows for vertical and horizontal regulation.   Sizes start from a diameter of 30cm and go up to 90cm.

The mirador acrylic semi-sphere mirror is the ideal solution against crime prevention and is perfect for use in supermarkets, retail outlets, showrooms and congested corridors.  This type of mirror can be easily fixed on ceilings, walls or columns and its diameter can vary from 45cm up to 100cm.