CRC is the official distributor of Arneg Italy, one of the market leaders in the production of commercial refrigeration solutions.  Our range distinguishes between remote units and plug-in units.  Remote systems consist of a central refrigeration system which is usually located outside the actual supermarket and which is connected to a number of cooling units within the outlet.  This system generates less heat within the supermarket and allows for the remote control and setting of all the temperatures of the connected fridges and freezers.

The range of refrigerated units is vast.  Serve-over counters are typically used for the delicatessen sections and present a variety of cheeses and charcuterie.  All models have excellent product visibility and come in various dimensions and compositions.  Serve-over counters can be refrigerated, neutral or hot depending on the product being served.

Central spaces and corridors can be fitted with island refrigeration units, which can be with sliding doors or without.  These units are highly accessible to passing buyers and their ease of use makes the product inside extremely appealing.

Supermarket walls can be fitted with open or closed semi-vertical units, vertical multideck units or vertical glass door units.  All of these models can be positioned back-to-back forming a gondola if one wishes clients to move around.  The main difference between semi-vertical units and vertical multi-deck units is basically the height.  Vertical multi-deck units are very popular for the display of dairy products, pre-packed meats, cheeses and fruit & veg.  They do not come with doors but if one wishes to reduce temperature losses he/she can opt for the vertical roll-in units or vertical glass door units, which are both very energy efficient.  Vertical glass door units can be used for both refrigerated and frozen foods, and thanks to their thin door frames, product visibility is remarkably high.

Our range of combined units have the best of both worlds because they consist of a lower open display and an upper closed display with glass doors, both compartments utilised to display frozen foods.  These models are extremely popular where space needs to be maximized and where the outlet wishes to have both open units and closed units within the same space.

Our range of rear service cabinets completes any serve-over counter by acting as an additional display for other items that the store has in stock or is offering on the day.